Learn Hawaiian - App Reviews

Apps can be a perfect and easy way to learn a language. The best apps let you learn a language around your own schedule and help you learn in a fun and entertaining way.

Here, at Language Mag, we’ve looked at and reviewed the apps for you so you can find the best app for you.

Below you will find reviews for apps where Hawaiian is one of the languages that they teach.


App Reviews
Duolingo is the "go to" language learning app of many a language learner because of its fun and intuitive design and its ability to turn language learning into a game. Over the years, Duolingo has expanded its selection of languages so that it now teaches many languages. A common question with Duolingo is what level somebody will be at when they finish the course. You should expect to be around an A2 level in reading and lower in the other skills. A typical Duolingo course will teach you about 2000 words, along with a variety of sentences. Unlike traditional courses, these sentences often don't have much relation to anything you'd use in real life. The idea is to make them fun and for you to absorb the grammar naturally. The natural grammar absorption isn't that effective and whil...