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Apps can be a perfect and easy way to learn a language. The best apps let you learn a language around your own schedule and help you learn in a fun and entertaining way.

Here, at Language Mag, we’ve looked at and reviewed the apps for you so you can find the best app for you.

Below you will find reviews for apps where Icelandic is one of the languages that they teach.
Language Drops

Language Drops

App Reviews
It's hard to imagine a more beautiful app for learning words in a foreign language than drops. From lovely gradient backgrounds, to intuitively designed exercises, the Language Drops App is what other apps should've been in terms of design. Despite it's undeniable good looks, it has its problems. The content, for example, consists of a single list of words that is divided into categories and translated into all of the 30 languages that Drops currently supports. That means that the amount of content is much smaller than some competitors (for example, Memrise). Whether you consider that a problem though, is a matter of personal decision - you could well take the opinion that by the time you've learnt all the words in Drops then you could start learning new words through reading books rath...