Drops – Continued

3 mins

Drops – Continued

I’m still looking at the Drops app. At the moment I’m sitting in a place where I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s a beautiful, well designed app, but I have some niggles.

The first is the time inconsistency. It says it gives me five minutes and I like that. I like the idea of being stopped and then having to do something else. But it keeps giving me extra time, and even an extra five minutes. Now I get that developers need to make money and this is to show me how much better my life would be if I subscribed and could use it all the time. But it just wouldn’t. I’d almost be happy to pay to have the five minutes be consistent!

Hmmm…”See what’s inside”. I wonder what the “Surprise” is. Could it possibly be a “55% discount on Lifetime packages!”. Sometimes drops seems to go a bit too heavy on the monetisation strategy.


The second is that, as I progress, I come across words that relate more to concepts than easy to picture things. Then the icons start to become a bit unclear. This wastes time by making me think about what the icon is supposed to represent or, worse, having to click it to see the english word that it’s meant to represent. That’s just inefficient. The app is beautiful, it’s nicely designed, but in this respect design has won over from practicality.

Hmmm….what’s the Spanish for squiggly thingy pointing at a round swiss cheese?


Will you marry me?


Obviously these are both small niggles, but niggles mount up if you’re doing it every day! For the time being I’m going to carry on.


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