Forum and Blogs Roundup – 2

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Forum and Blogs Roundup – 2

Last time we had a couple of interesting forum threads from Duolingo to show you. This time the Duolingo forums feel a little bit dry in terms of interest. The Fluentin3 months blog seems more intent on showing us advertising banners than providing content (although this post on Introverts and language learning did catch my eye). In short, all the usual sources of interest are lacking. So it’s time to do some digging around and see what Blogs we can come up with:

The first post of interest is this post about learning Japanese. Clearly this is picked with a whole lot of bias as I’m learning Japanese and it gives a rather nice little list of resources. Credit goes to this post for my discovery of the Drop app, which may or may not get its own review on this site after I’ve used it for a bit. It’s certainly an interesting concept.

Purely for using the phrase “Intense as F” and because it’s about learning Dutch, I offer up this blog post for your reading pleasure. Even though it makes no mention of how much of a sore throat learning Dutch gives you with all those “G”s.

And, frankly, I’m just linking to this post about “Language Hoarding” because of its title.