Forum and Blogs Roundup – 1

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Forum and Blogs Roundup – 1

One of the things we try to do with this site is to highlight interesting language related discussions from around the web. In this case we’re taking a quick look at language forums and blogs.


The old owl has a couple of interesting threads going on over on his forums.

Firstly there is the question of what an intermediate level is to you. Even though things such as the CEFR levels define these as specifically as they can, if you actually think about it then they’re still pretty vague. This means everybody can, and probably does, have a slightly different perspective on this. For example, for me it’s the stage where you begin to understand everything around you on a conceptual level, but probably not word for word.

Also on the Duolingo forums we see that the crowns are still causing confusion for users about how they progress through the lessons. Was it a mistake for Duolingo to release the crown system without providing a clearer study pathway for the users?

Fluent In 3 Months

As technology advances and the world seemingly gets smaller, access to potential language learning resources increases. I’m a big fan of television and video to help improve language skills. So I found Fluent In 3 Month’s blog post on Spanish tele-novellas really interesting. Hopefully this is something that I can take advantage of when I’ve got an A2 level in Spanish.

And finally…

Not necessarily new (I don’t know, there’s no date). But this blog post from FluentU is a nice list of other language related blogs that are worth checking out. What’s nice about that is that many of them are individual language learners who them come at the topic from a non-commercial perspective with viewpoints that we can all relate to.


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