Google Translate App Gets Smarter for Travellers

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Google Translate App Gets Smarter for Travellers

Travelling in a foreign country and your language skills aren’t quite there yet and you just can’t understand that sign or even person? Then you’ll probably dig out your phone and try the Google Translate app. It’s not perfect, but it’s hard to deny that it’s useful in getting the general idea of what’s being said.

But – oh no! Disaster strikes when you have no data. The app can still translate but its results are even worse when it can’t connect to Google’s servers. Until now, or so Google says. Rolling out to the iOS and Android apps are translate improvements that bring AI translation to your phone even without a data connection.

“Today, we’re bringing NMT technology offline—on device. This means that the technology will run in the Google Translate apps directly on your Android or iOS device, so that you can get high-quality translations even when you don’t have access to an internet connection”

In the app you can download a language pack from 35-45Mb and it’ll use super smart techniques to give you better translations because it translates “whole sentences at a time”

Read more on Google’s blog here.


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