Kickstarter – Slang App and Tracker System

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Kickstarter – Slang App and Tracker System

There are two interesting language related products on Kickstarter currently.

The first one I’m going to talk about has 11 days to go, wants to raise $2000 and currently has $1 pledged. This is for an app called TransVerb. Just with the name we start to see why it’s raised so little money. TransVerb is not an app that’s about verbs. TransVerb translates slang between Spanish and English. Apart from calling this “Ground Breaking Technology” (which it clearly isn’t), the listing is very light on details and there are no rewards. Almost thrown into the mix is another game based app that helps you conjugate verbs. There’s no real details, but this sounds like a far better idea to me. If I’m honest the post then reads a bit too much like “please pay to send me to this technology conference that I want to go to”, but if you fancy a punt it may be something to go for.

The next project I want to talk about is Language Lifestylist. This is like a MyfitnessPal for language learning. Although there are other social elements, to be honest I didn’t understand them and they seemed like modern dressing to the MyfitnessPal basis of the idea. The goal here is to help intermediate learners learn better and you can imagine that just like Myfitnesspal, the very fact you’re constantly thinking about what your doing and your strategy will help. In my mind it raises questions though – at the point in your language learning when you can be a bit freer in your approach, do you really want to be so structured? Would I really be bothered filling it in? But I can certainly see that some people would like that.


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