Language Analytics Chrome Extension Launched

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Language Analytics Chrome Extension Launched

In the last blog post I mentioned that I was working on a chrome extension. The extension tracks the amount of time that you are spending on web pages in each language. This is really great for language learners, particularly at the intermediate stage, as it gives you an overview of how much you’re reading in your second language without you having to track it. Since then I did a bit more work, tidied it up, and added a feature that lets you add a target and gives you a notification when you reach the target. For example, I can say that I want to read 30 minutes of Dutch and 15 minutes of Spanish a day. When I get to 15 minutes of Spanish, a box alerts me that I’ve hit that target, and similarly for the 30 minutes of Dutch. For those who are super keen, here’s the link to the chrome store page (don’t forget to go back and give it a great rating when you’ve seen how cool it is 🙂 ).

For the more patient, here’s some screenshots:

Here I’ve read 3 minutes in Dutch and 81 minutes in English, time to practice more Dutch!


Here I’m setting a target of 30 minutes in Dutch

Phew! I made it to my target in Dutch!

Here’s the link to install the Chrome Extension again. I hope you enjoy it, please don’t forget to go back and give it a good rating when you see how useful it is, that’ll really help others to find it too.


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