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Memrise Review

I’ve been using Memrise for a while, so I thought it about time to put together a quick review as there don’t seem to be many memrise reviews available. Memrise is a spaced repetition system that aims to help you learn things. Whilst you can learn many things with Memrise, there’s a particular focus on languages. Memrise is available in app form for Android and iOS, but also has a web version. Memrise is available for free, but in recent times has had a pro version for additional features that is virtually constantly on special offer. I’ve never felt the need to pay for these additional features.

Memrise let’s you make your own courses, or search for and follow one of the many others that other people have created. This, I would say, is one of the benefits of Memrise. There is a large variety of courses to follow. This disadvantage of this crowd sourced approach is, however, that some of these courses can be of questionable quality.

Once you’ve found courses to follow, Memrise is not unlike other systems of a similar nature. You learn new words and you review ones you’ve learnt daily. The ones you should review are presented to you in spaced repetition style (i.e. you don’t have to review all of them every day). Memrise used to have a strong analogy of watering and growing plants, but has moved away from that in recent years and now has a strange mix of narrative, but that doesn’t really detract from its usefulness as an app.

In terms of languages, memrise’s primary focus is words. You’d want to combine it with other learning systems to really understand a language, but if building your vocabulary is a goal then you could do worse than taking a look at memrise.


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